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Office, retail and residential complex

Damilanostudio Architects

Europa | Cuneo

Located in the city center of Cuneo, in Italy’s north-eastern Piedmont region, this linear block is conventionally divided into the various functions it houses: residential units go from the second floor up to and including two attic apartments, offices occupy the first floor, retail space is at ground level, and parking space is below level. The building is the first of four similar blocks planned for the neighbourhood. A slender parallelepiped, its long side lies on an east-west axis.
The symmetrical modular plan is designed to ensure occupant comfort. Each dwelling unit has at least two outlooks and quality furnishings are a feature throughout.
A continuous balcony runs around the whole building on every floor starting from the third, residential level. The balcony space of the various residential units is partitioned off by opaque panels and flower boxes. A major...

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