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Two Residential Complexes

5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo

Europa | Brescia

The northern Italian city of Brescia near the foothills of the Alps has recently acquired two new, very different, residential estates: one a private complex; the other a public housing estate with 72 social and moderate rental dwelling units. Different too is the way the two new quarters interact with the city. Located to the west of Brescia’s old city centre, the private complex – named “Life” – stands in a hinge zone of former industrial brownfield sites just outside the old city walls between Brescia’s densely compact city centre and a more recent, still sparsely urbanized outlying area. The area enjoys all the advantages of being part of a long-standing urban fabric but at the same time is close to the parks and green areas in the immediate periphery. The public housing estate lies to the southeast of the city in a landscape characterised by...

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