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Student Residence Maison de l’Inde

Lipsky + Rollet Architectes

Europa | Parigi

Founded in 1920, the university campus of Paris - La Cité Internationale Universitaire - is made up of residences for students from all over the world. From 1925 to 1969 some 40 residences and other buildings - now considered historic monuments - were built on this 34-hectare plot in the southern reaches of the capital. The most prestigious architects of the day were involved. Le Corbusier designed the Fondation Suisse and the Brazil House, Dudok undertook the Dutch residence while Claude Parent created the Iran building. Not only do the many architectural styles sitting cheek by jowl in the huge grounds exemplify the wealth of architecture produced during the 20 century; they also testify to a wider educational and political project - expressed by, but going beyond architecture - of bringing together different cultures.
The Cité Internationale is now undergoing a...

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