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Hadaway House

Patkau Architects

America settentrionale | Whistler

Architects have long been drawn to mountains. To the efficient integration of material and form in weathered Alpine chalets. Or, as with German notions of the Stadtkrone, to readings of crystalline crags and peaks as architectural and urban metaphors. If mountain architecture has traditionally been limited to locally sourced materials (timber; stone) and built to withstand severe snow loads and wind exposure, architects such as Marcel Breuer and Richard Neutra began in the mid-20th century to introduce large expenses of glass as well as sophisticated structural elements, such as the cantilever, so that mountain architecture could engage with topography and the air itself in unprecedentedly dramatic ways.
Whistler is an affluent resort, almost two hours by car from Vancouver; in 2010 it hosted events for the Winter Olympic Games. Whistler may be new (the town center was not...

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