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Mono-centric Paris, capital of France: one story

After Medellín, TheCityPlan returns to examine the transformation underway in a European city: Paris, whose history and culture make it one of the most representative and fascinating capitals of the old continent.
As usual, our four maps have been developed using the GIS (Geographic Information System). The first shows the geographical contours and population distribution; the second indicates land-use in terms of how services and community spaces are distributed; the third is a public transport density map, and the fourth shows the distribution of natural vegetation in the city.
Unlike Medellín, Paris is one of a group of metropolises to have developed on a stretch of prevalently flat land. The only exception is the hill of Montmartre to the north on the “rive droite” in the XIII arrondissement, famous for the Basilica of Sacré Coeur on its...

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