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Learning Center

Zaha Hadid Architects

Europa | Vienna

The Learning Center is “physically and symbolically the heart of the new campus”, according to the university, housing the most important offices for student services as well as the main library and meeting facilities. It occupies a central position on the central pedestrian path, facing a large plaza, and contains almost 42.000 sq m of space over five floors.
The form combines Hadid’s trademark sensuous curves and
gravity-defying slants, with walls canted at 35 degrees. These create an aero-dynamic quality that makes the building look poised for take-off. But the structure also has a formal complexity. The main, white, volume - a distorted cube shape - drops down along a diagonal section of the roof, creating a central depression and two taller sections at opposing corners. A separate black volume fits into this depression, but then protrudes dramatically...

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