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Glenn Murcutt travelling in Italy

I met Glenn Murcutt first in a remote little village in Italy’s northern Val d’Ossola, and later in the eternal city. The mountain hamlet of Canova and Rome represent two extremes of Italy, so listening to how one of today’s greatest architect views the vast range of Italy’s built heritage is an enticing proposition. It has to be said that both the locations and the weather - summer - were conducive to our relaxed conversation.
Murcutt started his latest Italian “Grand Tour” in the little mountain hamlet of Canova. He visited the restoration and reconstruction work by Ken and Kali Marquardt, who over the last 25 years, together with students and lecturers from Italian and North American universities and a long-standing group of friends, have turned several formerly abandoned villages of the Val d’Ossola into active workshops...

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