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School complex

5+1AA Alfonso Femia Gianluca Peluffo

Europa | Zugliano

Designing and building a school is a collective, public event.
A society that decides to act and participate starts by building schools.
A community that believes that the school is the main public building reflecting what it is, is a community that dialogues with History, with the collective sentiment, and with the future.
We imagined a building that was representative, functional and recognisable, able to dialogue with both context and community; protected and protective.
Like a clearing in a wood. (Eugenio Turri, “Il paesaggio e il silenzio”. Marsilio, 2004. p. 99)
Like sitting under the trees contemplating the clearing in silence and joy.
Like taking refuge under a tent.
A huge coloured tent that dialogues with the colours of the sky and the outline of the mountains.

Never-lacking snow of half-May
Whom do you wish to...

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