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School complex

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School complex
By Francesco Pagliari -
Prefa has participated in the project

Designing and building a school is a collective, public event.
A society that decides to act and participate starts by building schools.
A community that believes that the school is the main public building reflecting what it is, is a community that dialogues with History, with the collective sentiment, and with the future.
We imagined a building that was representative, functional and recognisable, able to dialogue with both context and community; protected and protective.
Like a clearing in a wood. (Eugenio Turri, “Il paesaggio e il silenzio”. Marsilio, 2004. p. 99)
Like sitting under the trees contemplating the clearing in silence and joy.
Like taking refuge under a tent.
A huge coloured tent that dialogues with the colours of the sky and the outline of the mountains.

Never-lacking snow of half-May
Whom do you wish to save
Whom do you insist on saving?

(Andrea Zanzotto, “Haiku for a Season / Haiku per una stagione”. University of Chicago Press, 2012)

Just as the series of M and N in the Italian version of this “fake haiku” by Andrea Zanzotto echoes the forms of the mountains, we too have tried to build our version of a sense of belonging through the language of contemporary architecture. A language that conveys both rights and duties.
To connect individual feelings with collective feelings and thought.
The forest clearing is the farmhouse courtyard.
The tent is the community, a dialogue with Piero, Carrà and Michelucci.
The tree is the myth of coming together, of dialogue and nature.

“What mind doesn’t wander over meadows?
Who does not build castles in Spain?”
(Quel esprit ne bat la campagne?
Qui ne fait châteaux en Espagne?)

(Jean de La Fontaine, “Fables. La Laitière
et le Pot au lait”. 1678)

Ring-a-ring o’ roses,
A pocket full of posies,

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