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Guesthouse Wa Shan

Amateur Architecture

Asia | Hangzhou

The guesthouse and reception centre Wa Shan incorporates several key considerations regarding architecture’s role that are dear to the Amateur Architecture Studio practice of Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu. These include questions like how vernacular traditions can be embedded into contemporary forms, the intricate way architecture relates to and transforms the natural environment in which it is placed, and how materials, spaces and visual elements can convey an atmosphere of meditation and poetry.
Set longitudinally on an east-west axis to conform to the natural lay of the land, this long narrow construction coursed through by pedestrian walkways on several levels, conveys just such an atmosphere of meditation and poetry. Nine independent functional units reminiscent of vernacular architecture around a central court and lying on a north-south axis are connected to form a long line...

15.00 €
4.49 €

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