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Spazio polifunzionale - Cidade das Artes

Christian De Portzamparc

America meridionale | Rio de Janeiro

Cidade das Artes is Rio de Janiero’s artistic hub, a venue for symphonic and chamber music, opera, dance and cinema, and home to Brazil’s Symphony Orchestra. A landmark on the plain lying between the ocean and the backdrop mountain range, it stands as an urban monument, a city within a city. The plasticity of its many articulated environments is in striking contrast to the solidity and force imparted by the huge swathes of pre-compressed unrendered reinforced concrete reminiscent of modern Brazilian architecture. Cidade das Artes stands above the ground, accessible by sculptural ramps. Two huge horizontal slabs proudly cantilever out across the landscape, enclosing the architecture. The trapeze-shaped floor plate standing 10 m off the ground is the complex’s ground level. A huge raised urban terrace, it is an aerial plaza on which the architectural elements stand....

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