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Knock Nothing Down: Sky Creatures

Will Alsop – aLL Design

The spirit of rebellion has dried up. That rare whisky has evaporated into a non intoxicant as a glass of “natural water” sold at a high price, a heavily marketed lubricant. Marketing, no risk, and conformity have cast a long shadow over pleasure.


The ordinary is a celebrated denial of architecture as an art form.

Where does pleasure come from?

The advances in the human condition result from creativity, curiosity and a desire to pursue a less arduous life, allowing for pleasure to be enjoyed.
Some architects create projects that give pleasure, sometimes in unexpected ways. Simple things like a blank piece of paper, a pen, a vase of flowers set against an orange jug, can give a pleasure that allows peace, which in turn stimulates imagination, the beginning of the possibility of “something” better. Some like to dance!

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