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The Blue Planet, Denmark’s National Aquarium


Europa | Copenaghen

Even when still outside, visitors to Denmark’s new national aquarium are offered an extraordinary sensory experience. Replacing the former aquarium inaugurated in 1939, a few months before the outbreak of the Second World War, the complex employs the latest interactivity, AV and communications technology to recreate the different marine environments. Catering for a broad public, it aims to give first-hand knowledge of aquatic life in oceans, rivers and lakes. The exhibition is laid out along multiple routes, offering visitors a wide choice of what to see.
Architecturally, the building’s contours both externally and internally are powerfully evocative and symbolic, inviting a variety of interpretations. Abstraction and naturalism sit side-by-side in this highly distinctive yet functional structure made up of a series of crisscrossing planes.
The sleek reinforced...

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