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Tchoban foundation Museum for Architectural Drawing

SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov

Europa | Berlino

It’s difficult to imagine architecture without the drawings that accompany every phase of its completion. But although phases of the same creative process, architecture and its representation may also be seen as works of art unto themselves. Sketches, study outlines and diagrams are all necessary steps in the ideation process; drawings made on field trips or for theoretical research are the vehicles of intellectual development, while technical drawings are the instruments with which to share and communicate a project to those on the worksite. An architectural drawing is a multi-faceted thing: the means of communicating the details of a project but also an art form in itself and the means of representing thought or imaginary reality, as shown by Piranesi, De Chirico and Escher. Architects Tchoban and Kuznetsov of the Speech practice have founded and designed a museum in Berlin...

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