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Los Tecorrales House

Legorreta + Legorreta

Los Tecorrales House
By Francesco Pagliari -

The whole programme of Casa Los Tecorrales is posited on architecture as an integral part of its natural context. The large grounds include sweeping lawns, arboretum, leafy paths and paved walkways interspersed by varying sized ponds that flow into shallow reflective pools amidst the built volumes. Strategically placed sculptures mark out the approach to the series of volumes making up the residence.
The main house, guest quarters, and fitness building with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and gym are separate yet complementary volumes nestling discreetly in their context.
Stone is a major feature of the whole complex. Stone-clad elevations echo ubiquitous imposing stone walls, another major feature of the complex. Two sturdy wings and entablature signal the entrance; the low-lying stables are punctuated by stone-clad partitions; the verandahs on the west side of the main building adjacent to the living, dining and library areas are sheltered by massive stone walls while the stone “opus incertum” cladding on the thick pillars is echoed on the pathways connecting the various volumes of the residence. Jutting stone walls are designed to seclude interiors from prying eyes and create a continuum between indoors and outside.
Inside, the different zones of the large full-height living area lie on a slight gradient and are separated from one another by a few steps. Placed in the centre of the house, this living area, other communal spaces and the library continue through to the verandah on the west side while the more private secluded sections face south. The kitchen and private projection room are on the north side.
The interior walls are painted warm delicate colours. In contrast, the rich rusty red of the exterior walls effectively set off the stone cladding and the sturdy, steeply inclined soffit beams of the verandah.
The fitness building stands in stark contrast to the main body. Two steeply pitched roofs converge toward the...

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