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Jean Lurcat High School Gymnasium

Mikou Studio

Saint-Denis, Île de France. This part of metropolitan Paris not far from the Boulevard Périphérique to the south, lying within one of the loops of the Seine to the west and abutting onto a strip of countryside to the east seems straight out of Colin Rowe’s Collage City: motorway junctions, high-rise estates, a snippet of countryside, sports fields, factories, craft workshops, ancient military fortresses, cemeteries and swathes of neat little row houses.
Mikou Design Studio’s programme for a technical high school, equipped with canteen, accommodation for boarders, gym and staff quarters, fuses this incoherent medley: the urban landscape of small row and detached houses on the one hand, and the Georges Valbon park land on the other. The challenge of the brief was twofold: avoid putting up a barrier to the park and create a link with the human and...

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