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Molino Casillo’s Headquarters

Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners

Grain trader Molino Casillo’s new headquarters in the industrial district of Corato, near Bari in southern Italy, stands close to the company’s huge silos, a physical and figurative landmark signalling the firm’s presence and what it does. With two above- and two belowground levels, the new programme is posited on a strict geometrical, functional plan. The aboveground floors are occupied by offices; the first belowground level houses more offices and the archives, while the second underground level is for vehicle parking. Everything about this parallelepiped building emphasizes its horizontal development: elegant outer façades of large glazed lights, windows shielded by tall narrow orange-painted perforated metal shutters, white plastered walls and aluminium panel cladding.
The iterative geometrical pattern of the façades is both functional and...

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