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Hybrid Cube In Baltimore

Behnisch Architekten

Baltimore is still an important port, but it has suffered greatly from a loss of industry, urban riots, and high rates of crime. Like so many other declining American cities it has embarked on ambitious programs of rejuvenation and the University of Baltimore’s John and Frances Angelos Law School is a potent symbol of learning and public service.
Behnisch Architekten won the competition to unite the department’s scattered activities under one roof. The site, across from the landmark railway station, is confined by a freeway and the architects proposed a 13-story cube, with stacked classrooms, faculty offices, and library. The project was launched just before the financial crash, and the 19,000 sq m program was slightly reduced, resulting in the elimination of the upper floor.
The design was program-driven, and the three major components are boldly expressed on...

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