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Istanbul Mapping: una città magica aperta al futuro

Andrea Boschetti

Istanbul, the extraordinary metropolis on the isthmus separating the continents of Europe and Asia, is a magical city. A symbol of cultural cross–fertilisation, it is as complex as the mountainous terrain on which it sits. As can be seen from the first map showing population distribution, major infrastructure and contour lines, Istanbul at first sight appears a vast homogeneous city. Its incredible growth - in 20 years the population has gone from 6.629.431 in 1990 to 13.854.740 in 2012 - has led to unbridled expansion in the absence of any hierarchical urban plan. As a result the city appears a dense sprawling conglomerate. It resembles a tightly woven coloured carpet blanketing the hilly terrain, turning it into a “mineralised landscape”.
Travelling by car on the ring road gives you a feel for the sort of urbanisation Istanbul has undergone. A tangential...

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