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House in Monterrey

Tadao Ando Architect & Associates

Tadao Ando first came to international attention in the 1970s with houses inserted into the dense fabric of busy Japanese cities, in particular the sprawling Osaka conurbation. This urban reality is a condition that frequently appears chaotic or discordant to Western eyes. Ando’s houses responded to their context through introversion; they often seem cut off or removed from the outside world, with the exception of certain, carefully framed views of nature or of the sky.
These early structures were also typically made from poured-in-place concrete with the circular indentations - tie holes - that result from concrete shuttering blatantly on view. Indeed this meticulous tailoring of an everyday material and of construction methodology gave Ando’s planar surfaces a unique character, finish and measurement. For Ando, the material used to frame space and that...

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