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Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel

Duque Motta & Arquitectos Asociados

Chile’s narrow Elqui Valley is a thin stretch of land between the Andes and a coastal mountain chain. The landscape, its natural colours, unpolluted skies and mild climate make it an ideal place for winegrowing, astronomy and peaceful contemplation.
In operation for ten years, the Elqui Domos hotel recently decided to make over and enlarge its premises. Designed by Rodrigo Duque Motta, the new programme not only melts seamlessly into its context, it also offers guests intimate settings from which to observe the natural scenery all around.
The original hotel comprised a restaurant and seven translucent fabric domes. To these have been added four detached wooden cabins. The new project is wholly at one with its natural setting. Like the older, tent-like fabric domes, the cabins simply rest on the ground, fitting into the landscape without disruption, respectfully...

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