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Cervantes Theatre

Ensamble Studio

In Mexico City, the dovela (the Spanish for an arch keystone) is synonymous with the famous Aztec basalt Sun or Calendar Stone found near the city’s central square called the Zócalo. The round sun and rays engraved on its surface represent the Sun God, symbol of man’s need for light and energy.
For the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Egyptians, the sun was the spirit of life, the link between the material world and the soul. In Aztec culture alternating solids and voids, raised and excavated shapes, light and shadow, symbolize the duality and complementarity of matter and spirituality.
Ensamble Studio’s project for the Cervantes Theatre takes the dovela in its meanings as both sun symbol and keystone as their central conceptual reference. The result is a building that lends itself to many layers of interpretation. On the one hand, the ancient Aztec sun...

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