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Casa Ventura

Tatiana Bilbao

America centrale | Monterrey

To suggest that a building can be like a tree is perhaps to risk a wildly organic metaphor. Organic architecture, with its roots in the structural designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and the didactic advocacy of Bruno Zevi, blossomed in the mid-20th century as architects attempted to facilitate a more responsible and more equitable society. In such architectural and planning proposals, each spatial element and each structural component plays a role vis-à-vis its immediate neighbors and, harbinger of our own ecological consciousness today, benefits from the daily rhythm of sunlight, views to nature, frank materiality, and sustainable economic practice.
The new residence realized by Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao on the hillsides above Monterrey is almost literally a treehouse.
The house emerges above the canopy of existing forest as an unapologetically concrete element, a...

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