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Casa Mirador

Matías Zegers Arquitectos

Cloaked in the mists that hug the surrounding vineyard-clad hills, Casa Mirador is strangely reminiscent of a traditional rural building yet at the same time appears a foreign object in its context.
Two unrendered, solidly material units stand on either side of a central glazed volume. All the environments of this single construction are spanned by an archetypal pyramidal-shaped roof. Unrendered earth-coloured concrete walls and stark lines make the building blend into the hill on which it is set. The walls reflect the surrounding changing light during the day in keeping with the surrounding countryside.
At the same time though the building’s quiet, almost aloof, introversion makes it stand apart from the surrounding vineyards. As if to emphasize this detachment, an elliptical landscaped space delimited by stones and bushes serves as a filter between the wider...

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