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Bicentennial Civic Centre

Lucio Morini | GGMPU Arquitectos

The intense new architecture on the former site of the General Mitre railway line running parallel to high-speed roads and the Suquia River is part of an urban renewal project for this degraded outlying area of Córdoba, Argentina. Called the Bicentennial Civic Centre, the new-build complex comprises a series of overtly representative public buildings housing administrative and provincial government offices, as well as the official residence of Córdoba’s Governor. The site will subsequently be enlarged to include a southern wing of the new horizontal administrative building, and another, separate building to the north: a Convention Hall accessed across the two new bridges now spanning the river and connecting the rest of the site on the other bank.
As its name suggests, the Bicentennial Civic Centre marks the 200th anniversary of the Republic of Argentina. So...

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