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Nature and Artifice

CeZ Calderan Zanovello Architetti

Is there such a thing as Alto Adige architecture? Not in the strict sense of the usual definition of an organized school of architects whose work presents a common thread influenced by the aesthetic of one or more “maestros”, usually hailing from a particular university with followers gleaned from among its architecture students. Taken in a looser sense though, you can talk about an Alto Adige school of architecture. It stands apart on two counts. First for the fact that over the last decade or so the area around Bolzano, Vipiteno and Bressanone has enjoyed an exceptional blossoming of quality architecture. This happy circumstance is the result of an efficient public administration that has increased the already generous funding available to this Autonomous Italian Region as it is called. This has kept the demand for construction high. Moreover, private enterprise in the...

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