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Syndromes, Influences and Projects

Peter Cook

Nowadays I find it convenient to refer back to the seaside as a reason why my architectural tastes are often drawn towards the strange and relish in the casual, the temporary or the eccentric. After all, a seaside town naturally metamorphoses between Summer and Winter. In the north of Europe the weather does not encourage you to go down to the shore, but in early March there are the seeds of optimism: a guy will start painting bits of balustrade and almost anything else, in late March he will be unrolling the canvas or plastic awnings and wind-breakers. In April, the coloured lights might go on. For the next few months the town is bigger, fuller, brighter, noisier and physically different - so surely the Plug-in City was a subconscious - if not conscious realization of the metamorphic city. The critic and cultural commentator, Reyner Banham had written about Santa...

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