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Collector’s house

Andrea Marastoni | Walter Angonese

Making one’s home part of one’s art collection is a theme that reaches deep into the psyche of the collector. It’s all about creating something unique and distinctive: a home that is a work of art - a collector’s item in itself - but also the casket containing the collector’s treasures. House and art collection constitute an initiatic experience through spaces where showcase sits alongside private living areas. This collector’s home near Bolzano in northeast Italy goes beyond mere juxtaposition, reaching out also to envelop its natural surrounds. Here natural and manmade are one; built object and nature exist in osmosis. The building thrusts into the steep, rocky terrain. Natural stone has been ground and used as aggregate for the concrete, giving the imposing unrendered structure a grainy, rough texture and colour like the porphyry all around....

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