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Scale: a relationship between geometries and space

Steven Holl Architects

Scale, our comprehension of the measure of geometry and space, remains essential to experience. Beyond the length, width, or mass of a structure, there is magnitude of measurement in scale. Central to the proportional relation of things to humans, scale can be mysterious.
Some cities are filled with enigmatig juxtapositions of large and small scales. Like force fields of different programs, these contrasting scales radiate an inner energy. In Manhattan the juxtaposition of a row of four-story brownstones set directly against a 20-story structure of mysterious scale creates a dynamic contrast equal to the dynamic events that might take place within. The displacement of scale, the juxtaposition of different scales, and the disorientation of apparent scale are all part of a metropolitan dynamic. The programmatic and spatial richness of metropolitan space is parallel to the...

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