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K.I.S.S. Apartment building

Camenzind Evolution

The places we live in are often a compromise between individuality and plurality, the need to express our own identity yet conform to society’s rules, to compromise between our aspirations and practical possibilities.

Affordability and individuality were the underlying features behind the development of K.I.S.S., a complex of 46 rental maisonnettes in Zürich by architectural firm Camenzind Evolution for client Swiss Life AG.

The concept underpinning the project is key. In-depth market research in the area was the innovative way used to identify the tastes and expectations of the target client group: young people wanting personalised yet affordable living spaces in keeping with their contemporary living mindset. They were broken down into three groups: young and casual (Funky), intellectual and refined (Classic), outgoing and sociable (Industrial). As a...

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