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The “Quattro Acque” Park

Italo Rota

The project to build a hydropower plant at Campolattaro in the southern Italian province of Benevento is designed to deliver 600 MW and be a strategic boost to electricity supplies over the grid serving a vast area of the Mezzogiorno where voltage dips are a frequent phenomenon, the downside of electricity supplied from wind farms, an important source of power in this area. The new power plant is to exploit the existing Campolattaro dam and the natural basin situated further up stream. These two reservoirs are to be linked by underground pipes that will ensure the drop necessary to turn turbines and create electricity. The underground hydroelectric generating plant will have “reversible” pumps that actuate the turbine and release power onto the grid at peak usage times or when required, or alternatively, when electricity is not demanded, will pump the water back into the...

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