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Technogym Village

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV)

Technogym Village
By Francesco Pagliari -
Iscom, Okalux, Barth Innenausbau, uniform have participated in the project

Built parallel to the A14 highway leading to the Adriatic coast, Technogym Village in Cesena brings within a single compound all the functions of this modern industrial company, from production, management and administration through to R&D, and facilities for staff, customers and guests. The architectural programme reflects the over-arching operational concept of a company whose exercise and fitness equipment is sold throughout the world. The healthy lifestyle embodied by the firm’s products is carried through into the work environment, with natural ventilation and sun-shading. The Company also has its own fitness centre: a two-storey elliptical volume placed at the head of the complex, housing a gym and swimming pool. 

Full-height glazed façades supported by an unconcealed laminated wood frame look out over undulating landscaped grounds planted with trees and extensive lawns. 

The production plant is located near the escarpment on the highway side. Seven long segments with structural frames of reinforced concrete and steel topped by an undulating shed-shaped roof form column-free internal spaces containing the various production lines and bays.  A handsome structure with a continuous glazed ondulated façade, it becomes even more impressive when lit up from within at night. The office headquarters, a four-storey glass structure, is situated in the centre of the complex and connects to the production section via a glazed overhead walkway. Its curving roof  - clad in metal sheet and with timber soffits and ribbing - is supported by vertical and oblique steel pillars. An overhang jutting out towards the grounds on the southern side shields occupants from direct sun light. Inside, the huge open space is divided into offices and meeting rooms by transparent partitions. A central spiral staircase with glass balustrades and parapets and metal handrails lends a distinctively elegant touch.


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