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Architectures of Spaces and Envelopes: 3 houses

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Whether new-build or restoration project, these three single-family private houses are similar in that they are all site-specific. They differ widely in setting and architectural and functional programme. The “Golf House”, a new-build private holiday home, lies in the Apennine hills between Liguria and Piedmont in northwest Italy; the “Country House” aggregates a series of old houses in the countryside near Sacile in the Friuli region (northeast Italy); the “Holy House” is the first part of a multi-facetted programme to renovate a row of run-down houses in the little town of San Quirino, again in Friuli. 

The two Friuli projects make a point of retaining the distinctive features of the original constructions. The solutions, materials, spaces and volumes of the two renovation programmes ensure that the original architectural...

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