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Piattaforma delle Arti e della Creatività


Europa | Guimarães

June 2012 saw the inauguration of a striking architecture and urban regeneration project in the historic northern Portuguese city of Guimarães, this year’s European Capital of Culture. The complex is a multi-purpose arts centre designed to encourage artistic creativity and entrepreneurship in the arts industry. It also provides a permanent showcase for the collection of artist José de Guimarães that includes works from Latina America, Africa and Asia, as well as facilities for temporary shows. The multi-level architecture programme was driven by the need to revitalise a degraded urban area adjacent to the historic town centre and bring cultural activities with the physical upgrade. The cultural programme envisaged by the local authorities was deliberately multifaceted. A sizeable urban swathe, a former market and nearby constructions from the Thirties, was targeted for regeneration...

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