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Teatro Ristori

Aldo Cibic

Europa | Verona

Verona’s Ristori theatre started life in 1838 as a “huge shed for spectacles of all kinds”. Subsequently it became one of the city’s most exclusive theatres. It has now been restored to its original role as a popular theatrical venue. From the outset the programme for architect Aldo Cibic was more than a simple restoration project. The aim was to turn the theatre into a multi-purpose venue suitable for the widest possible range of show, a place that would be constantly open to the public thanks to a new exhibition area. As well as restoring a facility and providing a new public service, the complex architectural project also went beyond the theatre to the surrounding area, redesigning the small square in front of the extended theatre entrance. Restoring this dated structure and adapting it to contemporary requirements entailed no few difficulties. New functional areas were necessary to...

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