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Day Nursery and Residence Pierre Budin

ECDM Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec

Europa | Parigi

The urban context is the northern fringes of Paris, an unlovely jumble of disparate buildings, a tide line marking the end of the 19th century city and the beginning of poor quality spill over. Like so many similar areas in Europe, the quarter has grown by add-ons without any underlying urban plan. Faced with this unregulated cityscape, the strategy of Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec architectes (ECDM) has been to establish new rules with a day nursery whose simple linear programme, although small, gives a sense of order and quality to a chaotic fabric. Not being able to integrate with or match the size of the surrounding buildings - namely, a 12 storey high-rise built in waiver of land-use parameters - ECDM’s project chose to stand in total contrast to its surrounds: not just in terms of height compared to the ungainly apartment block next door, but especially for the attention to...

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