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Raakspoort - City Hall and Bioscoop


Europa | Haarlem

Cities come about through a long complicated process of stratification and sedimentation down the centuries that lays down materials and brings about transformation with the constant flux of cultural, political, economic and social change. Some of these transformations have come down to us; others have been lost. Building in a contemporary city means reading and interpreting forms, spaces, materials and colours, understanding its different parts and their relationship with the whole and then deciding whether to follow in their wake or make a break with the past. On the face of it the Raakspoort complex - the City Hall and Bioscoop designed by Bolles & Wilson - has not broken the mould. In terms of distribution, function and materials, it fits seamlessly into its Haarlem quarter. Yet it is part of a sea swell of change that is transforming the contemporary city while...

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