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Oct Harbour Clubhouse

Richard Meier & Partners Architects

Asia | Shenzhen

Like the tailors of London’s Savile Row, Richard Meier uses the finest materials, impeccably cut and detailed, and his buildings, like their suits, project an air of quiet authority and understated luxury. Nowhere is that effortless assurance more evident than in the OCT Harbour Clubhouse. In Shenzhen, a booming hub of capitalism, every scrap of land is ripe for development, and the authorities drained an expanse of wetlands to create a complex of upscale housing and commerce around an artificial lake. The clubhouse Meier had designed for a group of villas now under construction was relocated to a man-made island in the lake, where it would enjoy greater prominence and serve a broader range of residents and VIPs. The move and a more ambitious program mandated a new design. Meier sketched an angular fitness center flanking an arc of private dining rooms, restaurants and...

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