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Voglio stare (bene) in italia

Aldo Cibic

The financial crisis gripping several western countries has brought to the surface Italy’s many structural weaknesses. We now have a technical caretaker government trying to bring in the changes our political class failed to make, and this has caused a deep sense of disorientation among ordinary people and the establishment. I have a long track record of working in many parts of the world, but I’m Italian and want to live in Italy. Perhaps we have reached a point in which only visions can help us. We all are familiar with global models and know they have run out of steam. In Italy, developing and implementing architectural projects has become impossible on account of our opaque bureaucracy and lack of any underlying strategy. We are left to our own devices - which, to put a more positive slant on things, could be viewed as an opportunity. But we want to get things back on...

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