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Six Memos for The Next Millennium

Matteo Thun

Italo Calvino
Six Memos for the next Millennium
Vintage International, 1993

In 1985, Italo Calvino was about to deliver a series of lectures - the famed Six Memos for the Next Millennium - at Harvard University on the literary qualities needed in the 21st century, but he passed away first and they had to be published posthumously.
Today, in 2012, Matteo Thun has revisited that text, transferring some of this insightful reflections to the world of architecture.

Dear Italo,

May I ask you about Architecture? May I borrow your thoughts about literature for architecture?
Ars Major - Ars Minor - Free Art - Applied Art?
I would like to timidly offer some similitudes, combining your chapters with images.
I know this runs the risk of simplification and might open the way for misunderstandings.

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