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Sei case giapponesi

Francesco Pagliari

These six Japanese houses explore different lifestyle concepts in urban and rural settings. The projects present a varying weave of geometries and volumes to cater for a wide range of occupant requirements. Some architectures attain prominence by standing out in their urban environment while others, like Satoshi Okada’s villa in Karuizawa, show their architectural prowess by blending ineffably with their natural surrounds. Here, landscape is harnessed to the poetic use of architectural materials and spaces: a plan with elliptical segments and a Cor-ten roof that canopies over the whole building including the external living areas. Okada succeeds in conceiving nature as part of the built space while at the same time giving full expression to the communicative power of architecture.
Other houses tackle these same themes but within the dense urban context of Japan’s cities. The result...

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