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Living on the edge

Arjen Reas

Europa | Zoetermeeter

The extensive Dutch lowlands are marked by clean-cut regular geometries. Roads, canals and crop rows denote the boundaries between fields, allotments and watercourses. Today, however, these are shifting boundaries undergoing rapid change.
On-The-Edge embodies the essence of being on the confines between two dimensions, two lifestyles. It sums up a place and condition poised between city and country, between contemporary living and tradition, nature and artifice, archetype and innovation.
Sited on one of the last available plots of a new residential area on the edge of the Dutch city of Zoetermeer between The Hague and Rotterdam, the residence takes its cue from the very fact that it stands at a point where town and country come together.
Thatched roofs, stone and plaster walls are part of the age-old Dutch building tradition. Arjen Reas has harnessed these traditional...

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