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Haus am weinberg / House Beside a Vineyard

Ben van Berkel UNStudio

Europa | Stoccarda

The Haus am Weinberg in Stuttgart by UNStudio is the latest in a species of private houses by the practice including the Möbius House in Het Gooi in the Netherlands (1998) and VilLA NM in upstate New York (2007). In its bespoke experimentalism, it also relates to their pavilion architecture for the Chicago Millenium Park and the Venice Biennale of 2008. With a constant focus on experimentation throughout the 50 buildings completed to date, UNStudio’s work effortlessly combines a number of gestures that create flexible spaces. “Architecture is so stiff, so difficult to adjust”, says co-founder Ben van Berkel, but with productive, double-curved surfaces, he feels it can appear “far more reductive, and let complexity in”. That contradiction in terms relates architecture to nature through the exploration of the discipline’s deeper science. On the outskirts of Stuttgart, the context of the...

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