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Forest’s Quintet

Chiasmus Partners

Asia | Yanggu

Located near the mountains around Yanggu, in South Korea, Forest’s Quintet is a small residential ‘settlement’ shaped and structured by the owners’ dual desires to enjoy exclusive contact with nature and feel part of a community imbued with the same values. The complex was conceived to offer an alternative to urban dwelling and seems almost to embody and interpret various aspects and ideas that Frank Lloyd Wright used for his Broadacre City. As the antithesis of city living, Broadacre City offered a vision of society and a city built around single-family homes immersed in nature and surrounded by land (one acre per family) on which to grow one’s own produce. Forest’s Quintet was born of the dual need for contact with both nature and the community. This is the underlying idea for these five individual houses that combine to form an ideal refuge for their inhabitants. Hyunho Lee and...

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