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Cobogó House

Marcio Kogan

America meridionale | San Paolo

Cobogó House is an oasis in the dense urban fabric of Sao Paolo. Light, and the infinite variations of light, are the hallmark of the building’s design, arising from the way the interiors flow effortlessly onto the exterior. Marcio Kogan’s programme lays out a series of simple volumes: two blocks at right angles to each other - one, a 3-storey unit, the other, just one level. Vertical circulation routes are located at the intersection of the two volumes. Wide, unencumbered spaces make for very liveable environments offering a range of perceptive experiences. Building and garden both comply with sustainability and energy efficiency principles. Renewable energy sources reduce water and energy consumption while architectural elements and a rationalized ground plan ensure comfort zone environments. The ground floor living spaces flow seamlessly through to the garden where a small pond and...

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