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Monumental Need in the Landscape of Abandonment

Beniamino Servino

[Mary, you carry the son of the Lord] Violations for necessity. Violation [excess]. Bad use, excessive use [ruthless], unlawful use of a thing. I take too much room, I do that in an excessive [ruthless] illegitimate manner. Violation [Power abuse]. I illegally exercise the power of changing the landscape. De-sign [(de)-mark] the territory, or even a field. A shore. And while I illegally/illegitimately alter the place of my urge I make it vulnerable [the place, not the urge]. We are vulnerable together [me and the place, the active subject and the passive subject]. We cohabit vulnerably, admirably. Needful. There is no way I can withdraw from it. I cannot withdraw myself from a need. To abandon. To leave without a help or protection, to leave to its own weaknesses. Stop taking care of something. The landscape wants [wants!] to be...

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