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Morphosis Realizes its Vision


Forty years ago, a scrappy outsider called Thom Mayne established Morphosis as a practice committed to experimentation, and helped found the Southern California Institute of Architecture as a radical alternative to traditional architectural education. He was 28, a child of that rebellious era, propelled by a fierce passion to rethink architecture and find new forms of expression. From the first, Mayne was uncompromising, preferring to pursue an idea to its limits on paper than forfeit its integrity to get it built. In that regard, nothing has changed. He has been awarded the Pritzker and a hundred other honors for work of growing scale and complexity. In the past decade he has won the trust of universities, school boards, big corporations, and government agencies. Age and success have made him less aggressive, but no less determined to hold his ground. “I’m willing to give up a project...

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