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House in Morchiuso

Marco Castelletti Studio di Architettura

The last thirty years have left Italy strewn with myriad stand-alone detached or semi-detached houses surrounded by small gardens. Since then the economic and social climate has undergone rapid change, as have residential demands and regulatory requirements. Architect Castelletti’s project in the hills around Erba, near lake Como, tackles the whole question of how to make best use of existing housing stock through renovation. This was not, however, a reconversion brief in a prestigious city centre, but a renovation assignment in one of the many forgotten, often obsolete, semi-urban settings that litter our rural areas. The need to upgrade a semi-detached house above Erba to comply with new energy and technological requirements was the pretext to rethink spatial distribution and volumes and the relationship between indoors and outside, and an opportunity to turn a dated building into...

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