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Hadi Teherani Interior | BRT Architekten

The new Zayed University campus in Abu Dhabi is a huge architectural complex offering academic standards of excellence. The architecture is a statement of national identity and the United Arab Emirates’ awareness of its pivotal geopolitical role in a crucial area on the world scene. Not only a landmark underpinning a strategic vision of the territory, it expresses the country’s confidence that modernity and the country’s heritage can sit side by side. A huge project, it will accommodate at least 6 000 students studying at the highest academic levels. The campus is sited close to major routes: the highway linking the city of Abu Dhabi to the airport, and the road leading to a future new city south of the site. Yet the progressive architectural programme is much more than a strategic “gateway” on the approach to the capital; it is also an entity unto itself. The layout is the classic...

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