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Snøhetta in Ohio - Wolfe Center for the Arts


The role of landscape architecture has in recent years been reassessed and greatly expanded. Today critical attention is being paid to the spaces between buildings, to ecologically savvy planting on the top of buildings, and to the resuscitation of post-industrial tracts on several continents. For over two decades, however, Snøhetta has integrated architecture and landscape in even more fundamental ways. Based in Oslo and, more recently, New York these designers seem to regard buildings not as something surrounded by or adorned by landscape but as landscape agents, as robust semi-natural elements in themselves. Snøhetta sprang to international acclaim with their competition-winning proposal to rebuild the famed Alexandria Library, a project inaugurated in 2002. In Egypt, next to the Mediterranean corniche, the terraced floor plates of the interior are sheltered by the library’s iconic...

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