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Residenza Privata

Enrico Iascone

Europa | Sassuolo

This two-family building is located in an extensive, 1960s residential spill-over area outside Sassuolo, Modena’s ceramic manufacturing heartland. It stands amid other detached or two-family houses surrounded by small gardens on a plot once occupied by a detached house, now demolished. The high-end design by Enrico Iascone and Carlotta Menarini used prefabricated wooden elements for the aboveground storeys on a concrete underground level. The thermal insulation and humidity control afforded went a long way to obtaining class A energy certification. Choosing joint-mounted prefabricated wooden elements provided the advantages of on-site safety and assembly accuracy that cut overall worksite time considerably. The articulated ground plan in the shape of two opposing “L” shapes presents an uncompromising geometry of sharp angles and clear-cut forms. The two parallel structures that result,...

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